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Post  darwin on Mon 25 Apr 2011, 06:26

Our current pay rate is:

* Standard members get $0.007 per ad they view and $0.004 per ad their referral(s) view.
* Discoverer members get $0.007 per ad they view and $0.004 per ad their referral(s) view.
* Golden members get $0.01 per ad they view and $0.01 per ad their referral(s) view.

Direct referrals limit:

* As a Standard Member you can have a maximum of 25 direct referrals.
* As a Discoverer Member you can have a maximum of 35 direct referrals.
* As a Golden Member you can have a maximum of 95 direct referrals.

The minimum payout amount is set at $3.00 (three US dollars) for your first payout request, $5.00 (five US dollars) for the second, $10.00 (ten US dollars) for the third.

Your payment will be processed automatically and issued via AlertPay or Paypal instantly.

- What is different in BuXeOn ?

» Due to information security is the most important thing, BuXeOn works with the highest level of security - SSL 256-bit . We do that to be sure that our clients information will be kept protected. And we also use "strong decryption"technology when your information(s) sent to our server.

» Our server is protected against DDOS attacks. Eg: 'Cisco Guards', it will ensure a fast and stable webserver. We will upgrade these protection in the future.

» At BuXeOn.com you can Trust Us, Be Confident, We ensure we hate scams, we are right place for you. Get referrals and start earning money.

» We have great opportunities to profit quickly with more profits, good rates and pay rate, low renting prices and low cashout(s) .

So don't waste time, Start Earning!

There might be some problems you may face but as this is starting we want all members to co-operate.
We will fix everything. Just report us if you have any problem.

For now, BuXeOn are in beta phase, and we all hope, we can full launch as soon as possible.

From time to time, we always make some improvements, innovations, to BuXeOn .

If you found bug, feel free to post them in Bug Reports, and get $0.1 for free

If you're having problems or doubts about BuXeOn provides, ask them here.

We may make some changes on this beta phase.

We are giving 4,000 free Pioneer memberships to our first 4,000 users and could enjoy special benefits.

Buxeon use legal license XEON SC!

Free registration:

BuXeOn - The Future of Earning Online!


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