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Indonesian PTC
Click4Rp is a paid to click website that allows users to earn money through sponsoredadvertisements. Advertisers get real human visitor s to their websites, and the visitors are in turn reimbursed for their time.

Once an advertiser sets up a campaign and funds it, it will begin to show on our 'Surf Ads' page. Once a member of our site clicks this advertisement and stays on the advertiser 's site or the required amount oftime, they are credited realcash.You can join and start earning completely free.

Standard Membership
Your Click: $0.050(Standard Ad) $0.075(Extended Ad) $0.025(Short Ad)
Referral Click: $0.025(Standard Ad) $0.025(Ex tended Ad) $0(Short Ad)

Your Click: $0.100(Standard Ad) $0.150(Extended Ad) $0.050(Short Ad)
Referral Click: $0.050(Standar d Ad) $0.075(Ex tended Ad) $0.025(Shor t Ad)

The maximum amount of rented r eferrals you are allowed to have depends on your member ship:
Standard PREM IUM
200 1000

You get paid once you reach the minimum payout. The minimum payout is set at $3 for the first cashout, $5 for thesecond, $7 for the thir d and $10 for ever y one after that.
Once you reach the minimum amount,
you can withdraw your money to your :
BCA account!



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