bslbux - (Fresh, Exciting and Profitable) Registered Company!!!

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bslbux - (Fresh, Exciting and Profitable) Registered Company!!!

Post  ptcrock on Mon 27 Aug 2012, 12:17

Paid to Click:
Get paid to click on links. This is literally the easiest money you will ever make. You don't need any skills, talents, or experience. All you have to do is click on a link, look at the ad for a few seconds, and receive money. It's really that simple. Earn up to $0.015 for each of your clicks and up to $0.01 for each of your referral clicks. There are guaranteed to be at least 4 top-value links to click on every day, and this number will only increase as BSLBux grows larger.

Gtp/Get paid to:
Have lots of spare time and need cash? This feature of the site will be best suited to you. We partner with premier offer networks to provide you with the highest range of high paying, high quality offers and surveys. Daily surveys can pay up to $1.00 per survey and are available currently in 22 different countries. All offers are credited near instantly and automatically. We do not work with credit card based trial offers, all of our offers are completely free.

We've got something for you that no other PTC or GPT does- the chance to win free money in bingo. Every day, you get can get up to 10 numbers for your bingo card. If you get BINGO (5 numbers in a row, column, or diagonal line), you instantly get $5.00 added to your balance. If you get a BINGO again, the prize money doubles, every time. There's no upper limit to how much free money you could win, just by playing our free game every day.


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